The PLUS Code of Conduct (“the COC”) contains policies and guidelines relating to the standards and ethics that all employees under the PMB Group are expected to adhere during work and when representing the company during external engagements. It is designed to maintain discipline and order among employees at all levels to promote industrial harmony at the workplace.
As well as promoting industrial harmony at the workplace, the COC, which contains 9 Articles, shall reflect the Group’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct from amongst its employees.

Some of the key areas contained in the COC are summarized as follows:

Article 1 Professional Conduct

Employees shall observe the highest standard of professional conduct. They should at all timesconduct themselves with integrity, propriety and decorum and must not under any circumstances commit any act or omission that would bring damages to the Company, its property, reputation or general interest.

Article 9 (G) Conflict of Interest

Employees are not permitted to engage in any activity, which can be detrimental, directly or indirectly, to the interest of the Company.
Employees are also not allowed to participate in or influence in any business transaction from any company or person in which or through which that employee has or will obtain a direct or indirect interest or benefit.

Article 9 (H) Gifts or Favours

The Company does not allow its employees or any member of his immediate family to accept any form of gifts or favors from contractors, suppliers, clients/customers or any other party having business dealings with the Company

Article 9 (I) Entertainment

Employees shall not accept any gratuitous entertainment from any of the Company’s clients, customers, suppliers, contractors or any party with whom the Company has business dealings with.

Article 9(K) Graft And Invitation To Graft

Employees shall not in any manner or form offer on behalf of the Company or receive an offer of graft or a bribe for his own benefit or the benefit of his relatives or spouse.

Article 9 (N) Politics

Employees must not use their position with the Company to try to influence any other person to make political contributions or support politicians or their parties and is not allowed to make any contribution or incur any expenditure using the Company’s resources to benefit any political campaign, party or politician.

Article 9 (O) Whistle-Blower

Employees are expected to be vigilant about any wrongdoings, malpractices or any irregularities at the workplace. Such occurrences therein are to be reported promptly to the Management for its further action to rectify or minimize any potential financial or reputational loss.