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The new PLUS visual identity consists of two elements: the logo symbol in the blue stylised expressway design, and the green PLUS brand name in a distinctive font.


The PLUS new identity reflects the aspirational values of a world-class expressway operator. The logo or symbol in the form of a stylised expressway communicates the corporate thrust of efficiency, speed and modernism, where the deliberate lines of the logo continues into the PLUS name in one dynamic flow.

Brand Name:

The unique font of the PLUS name styled after the outline of an expressway is intentionally gentle to appeal to consumers as an organisation committed to customer needs and expectations. The design combines the strength of PLUS as the premier global expressway operator/group with the enduring community spirit of a caring organisation.

Corporate Colours:

Blue was chosen to reflect the company's membership within the UEM Group, while the familiar green in the PLUS name has been retained to connect to customers who already recognise PLUS as the country's leading expressway operator.