Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Providing efficient and safe expressway network that enhances the quality of life


To be a premier expressway group in the global arena


Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Quality PLUS is our Commitment to achieve Total Customers' Satisfaction through continual improvement in quality management system, our products and services in accordance with relevant regulations and standards

Sustainability Policy Statement 

As the largest toll expressway operator in Malaysia, PLUS is committed on a path of sustainable growth by balancing profitable growth and social and environmental responsibilities.

Our network of over 1,130 kilometers of expressways across Malaysia is crucial in the sustainable economic and social development of the regions by enabling safe transportation of goods and services, enabling job creation and providing citizens with freedom of movement. While PLUS have made considerable inroads in our path towards becoming more sustainable, the key challenge ahead will be for PLUS to meet the growing needs of the transport sector while growing sustainably, reducing carbon output and staying competitive.

We are committed to achieving this balance by focusing on efforts based on these categories:

  • To strive towards reducing carbon emissions in our operations and increase the use of renewable energy
  • To leverage on green technologies for operational excellence and competitiveness
  • To embed good environmental practices and sustainability mindset into strategic and operational decision-making

  • To uphold our mission and vision, and applying core values in delivering stakeholder expectation
  • To create a positive social and economic impact for all stakeholders across our highway footprint and business ecosystem
  • To advocate the importance of safety and equip our workforce and our ecosystem to embrace technology and be future ready

  • To achieve our business objectives while embedding good governance practices and ensuring compliance to laws and regulations
  • To institutionalise good governance through the adoption of internationally recognised standards
  • To meet stakeholders’ expectations and ensure business sustainability by actively identifying and managing risks and opportunities

PLUS’ governance over this sustainability commitment is supported by key frameworks, policies, standard operating procedures and is communicated across our operations. Our sustainability commitment provides a comprehensive view of our sustainability agenda.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy Statement

HSSE Policy is to implement a systematic approach to HSSE Management System to ensure compliance with applicable legal, other regulations and requirement; eliminate hazards, environment impact and reduce their risks; set stretched HSSE targets for the company towards continuous performance improvement; require business partners to manage HSSE in line with this policy; engage fence line communities and consult with relevant stakeholders on HSSE issues; include HSSE performance in the evaluation of individual staff and reward accordingly; and encourage consultation and participation of interested parties at all applicable levels.