PLUSTrack is a prepaid electronic card for fleet subscribers. The PLUSTrack card program provides an enhanced efficiency and better fleet monitoring for the fleet subscribers. Besides the ease of fleet toll payment, the program is packaged with an array of fabulous rewards and benefits, making PLUSTrack the smarter and efficient way of toll payment for drivers.

Benefit of PLUSTrack :

1. No Bank Guarantee / Deposit

PLUSTrack is based on a prepaid concept, therefore it helps to ease your organization’s fleet management and cash flow coordination.

2. Cashless Efficiency

Enjoy peace of mind and put an end to fraudulent claims from your drivers or any discrepancy involving toll payment.

3. Flexible on-site reload

Convenient on-site reload* adds up to your complete ease of use.

* For those who rent reload terminal only.

4. Better controlled expenditure

- It has never been this easy to control and manage your daily toll payment through our self-reload facility. PLUSTrack gives you the flexibility to decide the reload amount for better control

5. Timely and fast

- PLUSTrack ensures a smoother and faster journey to ensure an uninterrupted delivery schedule of your fleet to the destination.

6. Enhance security

-Free up your time needed for supervision and control of daily cash reimbursement.

7.Dedicated help desk

- In-house training and support services will be provided to your organization to ensure smooth operations.

8. Personalized branding

- Details of your organization and fleet registration number will appear on each individual card to give your organization’s branding an enhanced exposure.

9. Online fleet tracking and statement

- You can now track the detailed movements of your fleet along PLUS highways with ease through our web based services and at the same time, have total control over toll expenditure via our monthly



PLUSLine: 1-800-88-0000

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