PLUSTrack is another product innovation by PLUS and it is tailored to the commercial sector of our customers, such as fleet operators like your esteemed organization. The PLUSTrack card is a prepaid (debit) card for fleet operators. It provides a powerful and reliable fleet card convenience that offers fleet operators the flexibility of reload, monitoring and controlling toll expenditures. Together with our reload terminals installed on-site, it provides the convenience of PLUSTrack card reload at any time.


Benefits of PLUSTrack Program:


1. No Bank Guarantee / Deposit

It helps to ease your organization’s fleet management and cash flow coordination.


2. Cashless Efficiency

Fraudulent claims from your drivers or any discrepancy can be avoided. 


3. Enhanced Security

Free up your time needed for supervision and control of daily cash reimbursement.


4. Personalized Branding

Details of your Company and fleet registration number will appear on each individual card to give your organization’s branding an enhanced exposure.


5. Online Fleet Tracking & Statement

Detailed usages of the fleet along our highway network are made available via a web-based service enhancing control and will ease the reconciliation process.


6. Flexible On-Site Reload

Reload terminal installed on-site allows you to manage your card reload frequency and amount. 


7. Accessible for all highway

Card usage accessible including Non Plus Highway.


8. Control of card usage

Applicable for toll usage only.


Any enquiry kindly reach out B2B PLUSTrack Person In Charge:

Norazerin Jasmi  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        03 7666 4333

Nurraihan Amira  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  03 7666 4329


PLUSLine: 1-800-88-0000

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