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Our Sustainability Governance & Approach

Our efforts in sustainability build on various initiatives we have put in place throughout the years to create positive impacts on Malaysian society and the environment. At the same time, we have enhanced our corporate governance mechanisms to reflect our commitment to transparency and accountability. With the formalisation of our sustainability aspirations in 2020, we identified our material sustainability matters and its related initiatives, categorised according to the spectrum of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). In tandem with this, we established the appropriate governance structure to monitor the implementation of our sustainability activities.

At PLUS, sustainability practices are directed by robust governance structures which promote accountability to meet our commitments and aspirations. Our Board of Directors provide dedicated oversight of sustainability matters through our Board Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee (BGRCC), with support from our Management Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee (MGRCC), chaired by our Managing Director.

Our leadership plays an active role in championing and operationalising sustainability in their daily activities. Various business functions work on initiatives covering ESG factors, supported by a dedicated Sustainability Team under the Chief Governance and Risk Officer (CGRO) to provide on-ground oversight and ensure alignment to our sustainability aspirations.

Our approach to sustainability ensures adequate management of our opportunities and risks in a strategic way to enable long-term value creation. To steer our sustainability efforts, we embarked on the following eight-step process, beginning with identifying the requirements we must adhere to, through to the publication of our sustainability report to promote transparency and accountability of our activities.


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