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Our Commitment to Society

At PLUS, we have fostered a strong sense of community, driven by our highway footprint across Peninsular Malaysia which has made us a part of Malaysians’ daily lives and work. Within our operations, we are also proud to support Warga PLUS in achieving career progression and ensuring their well-being.

Our commitment to society is shaped by our brand purpose of Taking Good Care of You, Every Step of the Way. To this end, we have put in place various measures to improve outcomes across our social system, which consists of our operations, workplace and community.

Our social initiatives are centred on three primary focus areas aimed at delivering positive value to all Warga PLUS and communities.

Safety as #1 Priority

We made it our utmost priority to provide safe and healthy facilities and environment to all Warga PLUS, customers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and any other person that may be affected by our operations and activities. We strive to continuously advocate the importance of safety in our ecosystem and reduce any potential health and safety hazards within  our operations.

Develop Human Capital

We are dedicated to develop an agile, competent and skilled workforce to meet current and future needs through ongoing strategic human capital development programmes. We also extend our learning and development programmes and knowledge sharing to our business partners, vendors and fence line communities.

Improve Socioeconomic Status

We strive to nurture and develop our fence line communities who reside within 30km to 50km radius from our highways. These include small and medium entrepreneurs in our Rest and Service Areas (RSAs), many of whom have found an improved quality of life since operating an outlet at our RSAs.

Our Social Highlights:



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