#Bersama Ambil Peduli

"BERSAMA AMBIL PEDULI" Campaign is for 1,390 PLUS Highway Line Community Families. Click to view >>>

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) delivered food baskets that have benefited 5,560 households from 1,390 families living along the 1,130km line of the PLUS and LPT2 highways through the "Bersama Ambil Peduli" campaign since 1 August 2021.

Bersama Ambil Peduli campaign is one of PLUS's intensified CSR initiatives and for more than three decades, PLUS has also nurtured and improved the well -being of thousands living along its ranks. 

Recognizing the challenges during this pandemic season, it has impacted the lives and well -being of the community especially from the B40 group.

Along the highway, PLUS also has data on poor families in need of assistance and as such, a Skuad Ambil Peduli team was set up with 313 volunteers from 17 operating sections to identify and care for 1,390 families through food basket delivery. 

This Bersama Ambil Peduli campaign is very meaningful to PLUS as the campaign funds have been contributed by 3,800 PLUS Citizens and partly from the company.

Through the contribution of the company and PLUS employees of RM137,446, Bakul Rezeki was presented by the Skuad Ambil Peduli to the community within 30km of the PLUS Highway covering from North to South including the LPT2 Highway.



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