PLUS Senior Leadership

Introducing PLUS Management Team


Datuk Azman is responsible for leading PLUS’ strategy towards achieving its vision, mission and goals. He also provides guidance in developing and executing PLUS’ sustainability strategies, frameworks and policies.


Datuk Zakaria leads the day-to-day operations of PLUS, as well as the operational functions, health and safety, and maintenance of highway assets. In the area of sustainability, he ensures PLUS’ sustainability initiatives are executed according to plan.


Ahmad Rizal is responsible for the overall financial management of PLUS. He is tasked with managing PLUS’ financial strategies and operations to ensure PLUS’ obligations, as the single largest rated sukuk issuer in the country, is met at all times, while ensuring PLUS’ long-term sustainability and returns to investors.


Christine is responsible for formulating and implementing PLUS’ commercial and customer strategies. She ensures PLUS adopts customer-centric sustainability practices throughout its commercial activities, including engaging with local communities, business partners and corporate organisations which conduct business with PLUS.


Satpal is responsible for the Governance, Risk and Compliance at PLUS. He has also been tasked to lead the Programme Management Office, PLUS’ sustainability strategy and the coordination of sustainability practices at PLUS.


Kang Yew Jin Chief Technology Officer oversees and leads the development, implementation and operation of technological ecosystems.



Shazalina leads PLUS’ talent management and industrial relations. Her role includes ensuring PLUS possesses a sufficient and capable workforce to undertake its sustainability initiatives, as well as overseeing all other initiatives related to Warga PLUS.


Anuar Ishak Chief Executive Officer for TERAS and Head, Service Excellence champions TERAS’ business improvement planning processes to align and prioritise improvement projects at the corporate and operational levels in TERAS.


Employee Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct HandbookThe PLUS Code of Conduct (“the COC”) contains policies and guidelines relating to the standards and ethics that all employees under the PMB Group are expected to adhere during work and when representing the company during external engagements. It is designed to maintain discipline and order among employees at all levels to promote industrial harmony at the workplace.
As well as promoting industrial harmony at the workplace, the COC, which contains 9 Articles, shall reflect the Group’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct from amongst its employees.

Some of the key areas contained in the COC are summarized as follows:

Article 1 Professional Conduct
Employees shall observe the highest standard of professional conduct. They should at all timesconduct themselves with integrity, propriety and decorum and must not under any circumstances commit any act or omission that would bring damages to the Company, its property, reputation or general interest.

Article 9 (G) Conflict of Interest
Employees are not permitted to engage in any activity, which can be detrimental, directly or indirectly, to the interest of the Company.
Employees are also not allowed to participate in or influence in any business transaction from any company or person in which or through which that employee has or will obtain a direct or indirect interest or benefit.

Article 9 (H) Gifts or Favours
The Company does not allow its employees or any member of his immediate family to accept any form of gifts or favors from contractors, suppliers, clients/customers or any other party having business dealings with the Company

Article 9 (I) Entertainment
Employees shall not accept any gratuitous entertainment from any of the Company’s clients, customers, suppliers, contractors or any party with whom the Company has business dealings with.

Article 9(K) Graft And Invitation To Graft
Employees shall not in any manner or form offer on behalf of the Company or receive an offer of graft or a bribe for his own benefit or the benefit of his relatives or spouse.

Article 9 (N) Politics
Employees must not use their position with the Company to try to influence any other person to make political contributions or support politicians or their parties and is not allowed to make any contribution or incur any expenditure using the Company’s resources to benefit any political campaign, party or politician.

Article 9 (O) Whistle-Blower
Employees are expected to be vigilant about any wrongdoings, malpractices or any irregularities at the workplace. Such occurrences therein are to be reported promptly to the Management for its further action to rectify or minimize any potential financial or reputational loss.

To refer to the complete PLUS Code of Conduct kindly click here.





1. Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan Berhad

  • North-South Expressway (NSE)
  • New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)
  • Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH)
  • Length: 805.8 km
  • Concession Period: March 1988 December 2038 (50 years)

2. Expressway Lingkaran Tengah Sdn Bhd (ELITE)

  • North-South Expressway Central Link
  • Length: 63 km
  • Concession Period: April 1994 December 2038 (44 years)

3. Linkedua (Malaysia) Berhad (Linkedua)

  • Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing
  • Length: 47 km
  • Concession Period: July 1993 December 2038 (45 years)

4. KonsortiumLebuh Raya Butterworth-Kulim Sdn Bhd (KLBK)

  • Butterworth-Kulim Expressway
  • Length: 17 km Concession Period: June 1994 December 2038 (44 years)

5. Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd (PBSB)

  • Penang Bridge
  • Length: 13.5 km
  • Concession Period: September 1993 December 2038 (45 years)

TerasTeknologi Sdn Bhd (TERAS)

Nature of Business : Provision of IT, facilities management, e-commerce services and internet-related services. TERAS also supplies, installs and maintains toll systems and equipment for expressway projects.

Lebuhraya Pantai Timur 2 Sdn Bhd (LPT2)

LPT2 is a 184-kilometre dual carriageway highway running between Jabor and Kuala Terengganu on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The highway is an extension of the existing East Coast highway.

Concession period : July 2016 - July 2034 (18 years)

Corporate Event

UEM Chairity Run

Mission Statement

At PLUS, we connect communities to shape a safe and sustainable future

Di PLUS, kami menghubungkan komuniti untuk mencorakkan masa hadapan yang selamat dan lestari



Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Quality PLUS is our Commitment to achieve Total Customers' Satisfaction through continual improvement in quality management system, our products and services in accordance with relevant regulations and standards

Sustainability Policy Statement 

As the largest toll expressway operator in Malaysia, PLUS is committed on a path of sustainable growth by balancing profitable growth and social and environmental responsibilities.

Our network of over 1,130 kilometers of expressways across Malaysia is crucial in the sustainable economic and social development of the regions by enabling safe transportation of goods and services, enabling job creation and providing citizens with freedom of movement. While PLUS have made considerable inroads in our path towards becoming more sustainable, the key challenge ahead will be for PLUS to meet the growing needs of the transport sector while growing sustainably, reducing carbon output and staying competitive.

We are committed to achieving this balance by focusing on efforts based on these categories:

  • To strive towards reducing carbon emissions in our operations and increase the use of renewable energy
  • To leverage on green technologies for operational excellence and competitiveness
  • To embed good environmental practices and sustainability mindset into strategic and operational decision-making

  • To uphold our mission and vision, and applying core values in delivering stakeholder expectation
  • To create a positive social and economic impact for all stakeholders across our highway footprint and business ecosystem
  • To advocate the importance of safety and equip our workforce and our ecosystem to embrace technology and be future ready

  • To achieve our business objectives while embedding good governance practices and ensuring compliance to laws and regulations
  • To institutionalise good governance through the adoption of internationally recognised standards
  • To meet stakeholders’ expectations and ensure business sustainability by actively identifying and managing risks and opportunities

PLUS’ governance over this sustainability commitment is supported by key frameworks, policies, standard operating procedures and is communicated across our operations. Our sustainability commitment provides a comprehensive view of our sustainability agenda.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy Statement

HSSE Policy is to implement a systematic approach to HSSE Management System to ensure compliance with applicable legal, other regulations and requirement; eliminate hazards, environment impact and reduce their risks; set stretched HSSE targets for the company towards continuous performance improvement; require business partners to manage HSSE in line with this policy; engage fence line communities and consult with relevant stakeholders on HSSE issues; include HSSE performance in the evaluation of individual staff and reward accordingly; and encourage consultation and participation of interested parties at all applicable levels.


Road Safety Policy 

In line with PLUS Malaysia Berhad’s (Company) Commitment to Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE), and in compliance with its HSSE Policy, we are committed to pursue the goal of no harm to employees, contractors and road users while working or driving on highways which are managed or operated by the Company.

The Company is committed to ensure that Road Safety risks are managed in such a way to minimize harm to those who may be exposed directly or indirectly.

Towards this end, the Company will manage Road Safety via the 3E systematic approach as follows:

  • > Engineering – continuous application of the latest technologies and road safety standards on the highways
  • > Education – continuous development of road safety programs and campaigns for employees, contractors, customers and fence-line communities along the highway to promote road safety awareness
  • > Enforcement - continuous collaboration with relevant enforcement agencies on joint operations to ensure the safety of our customers

Employees must also take personal accountability to ensure own safety while driving on Company business with the essential requirements as follows:

  • > Driver Safety – ensure compliance to licensing, defensive driving training and fitness to drive requirements
  • > Vehicle Safety – ensure roadworthiness of vehicle driven on Company business
  • > Journey Safety – ensure journey management plan in place, where necessary

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Driver to ensure that Passengers, if any, in the vehicle being driven on Company business, adhere to legal requirements, including but not limited to the use of front and rear safety seat belt. Any violation may subject the employee(s) to consequence management.