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PLUS Business Partners Code of Conduct

PLUS Business Partners Code of Conduct




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PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PMB) Business Partner Code of Conduct

PMB is committed to conduct our business and operations to the highest standards of ethical conduct, health & safety, social and environmental responsibility.

Under certain circumstances, PMB can be held legally responsible for the actions of its business partners. Therefore, we expect and encourage all Business Partners to operate in accordance with the principles in this Business Partner Code of Conduct (BP-Code) and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This BP-Code applies to the business partner and their employees, contractors, agents and related entities (collectively, the "Business Partner") providing goods and/or services to PMB.


Acknowledgement of this BP-Code is a prerequisite in every PMB contract for supply. Through the acceptance of any Business Dealing(s) with any company under PMB, Business Partners are expected to uphold the 8 principles contained in this BP-Code in every aspect of their business.

1.Code of Ethic

•PMB is dedicated to administering its business relationships to be handled with the highest professionalism and ethical standards. We expect all Business Partners to comply with all laws and regulations on anti-bribery, corruption and prohibited practices. All Business Dealings should be transparently performed and must be conducted with honesty, integrity and fairness.

•PMB adopts a zero tolerance towards human trafficking, slavery or child labour and expects it Business Partner to uphold the human rights of its workers and treat them with utmost dignity and respect.

2.Conflict of Interest

•A conflict of interest may arise when a Business Partner has a competing professional or personal interest during carrying out PMB business dealings. All Business Partners must avoid any Conflict of Interest in their work with PMB. Business Partners should likewise ensure that all sub-contractors avoid such situations.

•Any Business Partner which suspects an actual, potential or perceived Conflict of Interest must disclose the situation immediately in writing to PMB.


•Business partners are expected to conduct all procurement and business relationship with integrity, respect and trust.

•Business partners are expected to always protect the confidentiality of the information and have no right to use any intellectual property or other proprietary information belonging to PMB without prior written authorization from PMB.

4.Competitive Practice

•All Business Partners must respect their contractual commitments to PMB. Business Partners must not collude with other tenderers, distributors, suppliers or contractors, or engage in any other form of anti-competitive behaviour.

5.No Gift Policy

•PMB is committed to conduct our business in the highest standard of integrity and good governance. Our No Gift Policy aims to avoid a conflict of interest and demonstrate PMB's commitment to provide equal treatment to all individuals or organisations that we are in contact with for our business. In this regard, employees of PMB shall not solicit or receive any gifts from current or potential Business Partners either directly or indirectly which may influence the employee's judgement in a decision-making process or put the employees in a position of conflict

•All Business partners should avoid to, either directly or indirectly, promise, offer or give any bribe or an improper advantage (whether financial or otherwise) to any person in PMB, or any other person representing any company or associate company under PMB as an inducement, incentive, reward, gift or bonus during Business Dealing(s).

6.Disclosure of information

•All Business partners are expected to disclose information regarding its business activities, structure, financial situation and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices. Falsification of records or misrepresentations of conditions or practices in the supply chain are unacceptable.

7.Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

PMB uphold a safe and healthy work environment and expects its Business Partners to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations and standards. Business Partners are encouraged to take appropriate actions stated below:

•Establish, implement and maintain, as applicable, management systems that facilitate compliance with the law and recognized safety standards;

•Identify and mitigate related operational risks and ensure continuous improvement to the safety performance of the respective organizations;

•Provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically and use safe and environmentally responsible practices while doing all Business Dealing(s) with PMB;

•PMB, encourage its business partners to fully comply to the following:

I.Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994

II.DOSH OSH Guideline on Contract Management 2015

III.NIOSH Expressway Operations Safety Passport (EOSP) requirement. (All contractors, employees and individuals performing maintenance, construction and operation works on the highways are required to undergo NIOSH's training to obtain these Safety Passports)

8.Record Keeping

The Business partners are encouraged to maintain adequate internal controls and procedures to ensure that all transactions with PMB are accurately recorded and reported in its books and records to reflect truly the activities to which they pertain such as the purpose of each transaction and to whom it was made or from whom it was received.

PMB expects its Business partners to:

•maintain the integrity of the information provided to PMB at all times.

•Respond promptly to enquiries from authorised representative of PMB regarding the implementation and compliance to the BP-Code

•Fully cooperate, provide the access and allow to visit and audit the relevant document, personnel and facilities, upon request from PMB

•Report/update any change in circumstances and business partners' details which may have an impact to PMB or the Business Dealing(s)

Whistleblowing (reporting channel)

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour in the conduct of our business and operations. Therefore, it is important that business partners report all compliance violations to this BP-Code as well as to other acts that are against the law committed or practiced by the employee or representative of PMB.

Our Whistle Blower Policy provides business partners a secure mechanism for reporting suspected compliance violations. Anyone who has knowledge or aware of any improper conduct committed or about to be committed within PMB's business environment is encouraged to report such matters, in good faith, without fear of reprisal.

Please be assured that your ethical concerns will be investigated according to established procedures. Your support will help us to live up to our aspirations of being a responsible business partner.

Report concerns and misconduct through:

Implementation of Integrity Pacts

Integrity Pacts promote clean operations for both PMB and the business partners during the execution of a contract. The implementation of Integrity Pacts also yields other benefits such as greater transparency in contracting, and enhancement of public confidence and trust.

Integrity Pacts must be signed by all PMB business partners during the Registration process.


If the business partner is found to violate terms and conditions of the BP-Code as well as the Integrity Pact, PMB may apply, at its absolute discretion, to the extent permitted by law, any or all of the following sanctions:

•Denial or cancellation of the contract;

•Non-payment of fees/expenses;

•Debarment by PMB of selling company and its Directors from being considered for further contracts, for such period as the company may deem appropriate, and

•Other legal proceedings as PMB may deem appropriate.

PMB Business partner Registration

Online Contractor Registration System (PORS)

Online Consultant Registration System (PORC)

Glossary of key terms:

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PMB)

PMB and its Group of Companies

Business Dealing(s) Shall include but not limited to Quotations, Tenders, Bidding, Purchase Orders, Letter of Awards and Contracts to supply goods or services to PMB whether directly or indirectly

Business partner

Bidders, business partners, contractors, consultants, consultants, business associates or other service providers that includes their employees, contractors, agents and related entities providing goods and/or services


SCD 5505PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) on 5 October 2018 signed up 10 major food and beverages brands in an effort to revolutionize its rest and service areas (R&R) on its highways to meet today's customers' expectations and preferences.

The brands, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Harold's Bread, Mohd Chan, Famous Amos, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, MyNews, Kenny Rogers and Line Clear will play a crucial role in enhancing travel experience for PLUS customers and at the same time, drive business growth for other business partners at the R&Rs.

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, "We need to acknowledge that consumer trends are changing rapidly. Based on our recent market research and customer engagement studies, we have identified the different segments and journeys they take on our highways. PLUS is embarking on a new strategy which focuses on brands with a big consumer following this year. By having new brands on board, we see this as an enhanced experience and contribute to the business growth for our business partners."

Major trends are all revolving around the digital world where social media platforms are driving our culture and consumption habits. Our foodie culture is now mainstream and the typical food court is no longer preferred. Consumers are spending less on retail, but more on food, entertainment and travel where they buy into 'experiences' rather than just 'products'.

"As such, PLUS needs to evolve from being a highway operator to a service provider which among others, offers a variety of F&B choices at the rest areas. Currently, we are revolutionizing the rest areas into hubs for the local community where they spend quality time with friends and family," he added.

Apart from signing with household big brands, PLUS has also embarked on a special program to change the design and experience of selected R&Rs

"The first retrofit was carried out at Rawang R&R where the rest area undergone modifications of the food court area with a minimalist interior, fixtures and fittings. Our next R&R in the pipeline is Machap R&R (Southbound), Gelang Patah R&R (Southbound) and the Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant. Major projects, which involve expansion with a new concept, design and theme, will be carried out at the Seremban R&R (Southbound) and Bukit Gantang (Southbound) in 2019," Azman explained.

PLUS had also introduced cashless payment pilot projects with BOOST at the Ayer Keroh R&R (Southbound) and Visa PayWave at Dengkil R&R (Northbound) recently.

Azman was quoted at a signing ceremony with major F&B brands at Persada PLUS. Also present were PLUS Chairman, Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim and Malaysian Highway Authority Director General, Dato' Sr Aziz Abdullah.



PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) pada 5 Oktober 2018 memeterai perjanjian bersama 10 jenama utama makanan dan minuman sebagai salah satu langkah untuk merevolusikan kawasan rehat dan rawat (R&R) di lebuh raya kendaliannya dalam memenuhi permintaan dan citarasa pelanggan.

Jenama tersebut adalah Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Harold's Bread, Mohd Chan, Famous Amos, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, MyNews, Kenny Rogers dan Line Clear akan turut memberi nilai tambah kepada perjalanan pengguna lebuh raya di samping membantu meningkatkan perniagaan rakan-rakan niaga yang lain.

Menurut Pengarah Urusan PLUS, Datuk Azman Ismail, "Kami perlu mengakui bahawa citarasa pelanggan juga turut berubah dengan peredaran masa. Berdasarkan kepada beberapa kajian pasaran dan kajian pelanggan, kami telah mengenal pasti beberapa segmen pelanggan serta corak atau tabiat perjalanan mereka di lebuh raya. Justeru, strategi kami pada ketika ini adalah memberi fokus terhadap jenama-jenama yang mempunyai jumlah pengikut yang besar. Bermula tahun ini, kami akan berkolaborasi dengan lebih banyak jenama lain untuk beroperasi di R&R kami."

Dunia digital menerusi media sosial memainkan peranan utama dalam mencorakkan budaya serta tabiat pemakanan masyarakat masakini. Pada ketika ini, budaya pemakanan merupakan trend terkini di mana medan selera yang biasa bukan lagi menjadi pilihan. Pelanggan mengurangkan perbelanjaan dalam sektor runcit namun akan berbelanja lebih untuk makanan, hiburan dan percutian, di mana mereka boleh membeli 'pengalaman' berbanding 'produk'.

"Oleh itu, PLUS perlu berevolusi daripada pengendali lebuh raya kepada penyedia perkhidmatan. Di antaranya adalah dengan menawarkan pelbagai variasi dan pilihan makanan dan minuman di kawasan rehatnya. Pada ketika ini, kami sedang mentransformasikan R&R kami sebagai pusat atau hub komuniti di mana mereka boleh berkumpul dan meluangkan masa bersama keluarga dan rakan-rakan," tambah beliau.

Selain menandatangani jenama baharu, PLUS juga turut mengadakan penambahbaikan dan menaiktaraf beberapa kawasan rehat terpilih.

"Projek penambaikan yang pertama telah dilaksanakan di R&R Rawang (Arah Utara) di mana kawasan rehat tersebut telah menjalani pengubahsuaian rekaan dalaman berkonsepkan minimalis. Program seumpama ini akan turut dijalankan di R&R Machap (Arah Selatan), Gelang Patah (Arah Selatan) dan Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh. Projek menaiktaraf R&R pula akan melibatkan pembinaan infrastruktur dengan konsep, rekaan dan tema yang baharu dan ia akan dilaksanakan di R&R Seremban (Arah Selatan) dan Hentian Sebelah Bukit Gantang (Arah Selatan) pada tahun 2019," jelas Azman.

PLUS juga telah memperkenalkan projek perintis pembayaran tanpa tunai menerusi Aplikasi BOOST di R&R Ayer Keroh (Arah Selatan) serta pembayaran tanpa sentuh menerusi Visa PayWave di R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara), baru-baru ini.

Azman berkata demikian pada Majlis Menandatangani Rakan Niaga Baharu di Persada PLUS. Turut hadir adalah Pengerusi PLUS, Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim dan Ketua Pengarah Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia, Dato' Sr. Aziz Abdullah.



In conjunction with the National Month Celebration, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) launched its 2018 National Day and Malaysia Day Campaign at Persada PLUS, today.

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, "The Campaign projects our aspiration in uniting and connecting the People through our safe and comfortable highway network. Our campaign is aimed at promoting unity and patriotism among Malaysians and love for the country through various programmes and activities."

Merdeka Photo Contest

In conjunction with the Campaign, PLUS is organizing a 'Kenali Malaysia, Sayangi Malaysia' Photo Contest via Facebook and Instagram.

To participate, the public can post and share photos on patriotism and unity on their Facebook and Instagram pages accompanied by the #PLUSMerdeka2018 hashtag.

"The most powerful and captivating photo will stand a chance to win an iPhone X and 10,000 PLUSMiles points until 30 September," explained Azman.

PLUS Unity Drive

The Campaign also consists of PLUS Unity Drive where PLUS staff will visit selected charity homes and community centres in central, southern and northern regions. During these visits, PLUS staff will organise various engaging activities with residents and present monetary contributions to each community centre.

Unity Ribbon Wearing

"We are also collaborating with Projek57, a movement spearheading the wearing of Unity Ribbons in support of Orang Asli education and empowerment programs. Throughout this Campaign, all PLUS personnel will wear and display the Unity Ribbon as part of our efforts to support and promote unity among Malaysians," Azman said.

Sayangi Malaysiaku Drive with Radio Personalities

PLUS is also initiating 'Sayangi Malaysiaku Drive' with radio announcers from (DJ Hanif), (DJ RD) and (DJ Jack). These personalities will travel and visit some places of interest along the PLUS highway network such as Bandar Hilir in Melaka, Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest in Kuala Pilah, Satay Willy Restaurant in Kajang, Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple in Johor Bahru, Iskandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar, Mee Udang Restaurant in Sungai Dua and Sedim Tree Top Walk in Kedah.

Merdeka Photo Gallery

Throughout the National Month, PLUS in collaboration with Arkib Negara will hold a Rukun Negara and National Day photo exhibition at the Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant.

"The photo gallery focuses on the Rukun Negara and its primary objective of being the key to unity of this Nation," added Azman.

Special Merdeka Menu at Rest Areas

Additionally, PLUS Business Partners at its Rest and Service Areas will offer Special Merdeka Menu to celebrate the National Day and Malaysia Day until the end of September.

The PLUS Merdeka Campaign launch ceremony was officiated at Persada PLUS today by PLUS Chairman, Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim.

DENGKIL R&R (NORTHBOUND) THE FIRST REST & SERVICE AREA IN SOUTHEAST ASIA TO GO CONTACTLESS - PLUS & Visa launches cashless payment initiative pilot project

Patrons and Visa contactless cardholders making a stopover at the Dengkil Rest and Service Area (Northbound) are now able to make contactless payment transactions when paying for their food, beverages and other products at the rest and service area.

PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, "The launch of the contactless payment system via Visa payWave debit, credit and prepaid cards is part of a PLUS-Visa Malaysia collaboration to promote and encourage cashless payment which is widely accepted around the world."

Visa contactless payments enable patrons to perform easier, faster and more secure transactions at PLUS rest areas, beginning with the Dengkil RSA (Northbound).

"Each day, 62,000 vehicles ply the KLIA-Putrajaya stretch on the ELITE highway. We believe that the contactless payment system will bring convenience to the public, especially tourists who land at KLIA. Through this initiative, we expect 25 percent of the total number of transactions at the Dengkil RSA (Northbound) to be paid using Visa contactless payments," Azman said.

According to Azman, the contactless payment system is expected to revolutionise the business landscape at PLUS rest areas.

"Patrons at the Dengkil R&R (Northbound) will now have more options to carry out their transactions. PLUS Business Partners will also benefit from this move as the cashless system enables their business transactions to be conducted in a faster, easier and safer environment. They will also no longer have to deal with preparing small changes at their stalls, or worry about handling and storing large amounts of cash in their premises while they conduct their daily business operations," explained Azman.

"We at Visa, are particularly excited to achieve this significant milestone with PLUS, the largest expressway operator in Malaysia and enable contactless acceptance to the new frontier of urban mobility," said Ng Kong Boon, Visa Country Manager for Malaysia.

"Rolling out Visa contactless acceptance to rest areas in Malaysia will make payments so much easier for tens of thousands of Malaysians and tourists who come by daily. Visa contactless payments is widely embraced by Malaysians, and we are seeing more than four million transactions a month. Malaysians are starting to appreciate how seamless, secure and easy it is to complete a payment transaction within seconds, simply by tapping and waving their Visa cards. Opening up more acceptance points with key partners like PLUS is crucial for us, so we can ensure Malaysians and tourists can use more digital payments in the country," added Ng.

Additionally, Visa payWave cardholders will also be able to enjoy RM1 off for each minimum transaction of RM2 at the rest area until 30 November 2018.

"We plan to introduce Visa contactless transaction at other PLUS rest areas in stages," added Azman.




PLUS & Visa lancar projek perintis inisiatif tanpa tunai

Pengunjung dan pemegang kad Visa payWave yang berhenti di Kawasan Rehat dan Rawat Dengkil (Arah Utara) kini boleh membuat transaksi pembayaran tanpa sentuh apabila membuat pembayaran untuk makanan, minuman serta produk lain di R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara).

Pengarah Urusan PLUS, Datuk Azman Ismail berkata, "Pelancaran Pembayaran tanpa sentuh menggunakan teknologi Visa payWave bagi kad debit, kredit dan prabayar ini merupakan satu usahasama antara PLUS dan VISA Malaysia untuk mempromosi dan menggalakkan pembayaran tanpa tunai yang kini diterima secara meluas di seluruh dunia."

Pembayaran tanpa tunai Visa membolehkan pengunjung menjalankan urusniaga tanpa tunai dengan lebih mudah, pantas dan selamat di kawasan rehat PLUS, bermula dengan R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara)

"Dengan purata 62,000 kenderaan yang menggunakan laluan KLIA-Putrajaya setiap hari, sistem pembayaran tanpa sentuh ini dijangka dapat dimanfaatkan oleh orang ramai, khususnya pelancong yang baru mendarat di KLIA. Kami juga mensasarkan sebanyak 25 peratus daripada keseluruhan transaksi di R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara) ini akan dilakukan menerusi pembayaran tanpa sentuh dengan Visa," kata Azman.

Menurut beliau, transaksi tanpa sentuh mengggunakan Visa payWave ini bakal mengubah landskap urusniaga di R&R PLUS.

"Pengunjung di R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara) juga kini mempunyai pelbagai pilihan mod pembayaran. Rakan-rakan niaga PLUS juga akan mendapat manfaat daripada inisiatif ini kerana sistem pembayaran tanpa tunai membolehkan mereka menjalankan urusniaga perniagaan mereka dengan kaedah yang lebih mudah, pantas dan selamat. Mereka juga tidak perlu menghadapi masalah penyediaan wang kecil atau kebimbangan untuk menguruskan dan menyimpan jumlah wang tunai yang besar di gerai masing-masing ketika menjalankan urusniaga harian mereka," jelas Azman.

"Kami di Visa, berasa sangat teruja dengan pencapaian penting ini bersama-sama dengan PLUS, pengendali lebuh raya yang terbesar di Malaysia dan membolehkan penerimaan pembayaran tanpa sentuh ke suatu tahap mobiliti pengguna yang baharu," kata Ng Kong Boon, Pengurus Negara, Visa Malaysia.

"Dengan melancarkan penerimaan pembayaran tanpa sentuh Visa kepada kawasan-kawasan rehat di Malaysia akan memudahkan pembayaran untuk berpuluh ribu rakyat Malaysia serta pelancong yang datang berkunjung setiap hari. Pembayaran tanpa sentuh Visa diterima secara meluas oleh rakyat Malaysia, dan kami kini menyaksikan lebih daripada empat juta transaksi sebulan. Rakyat Malaysia kini semakin menghargai betapa lancar, selamat dan mudah untuk membuat satu transaksi pembayaran dalam cuma beberapa saat, hanya dengan menyentuh atau mengimbas kad Visa mereka. Menawarkan lebih banyak titik penerimaan bersama dengan rakan kongsi seperti PLUS adalah penting bagi kami, bagi membolehkan rakyat Malaysia serta pelancong menggunakan lebih banyak pembayaran digital di negara ini," tambah Ng.

Sehingga 30 November ini, pemegang kad Visa payWave juga berpeluang menikmati diskaun sebanyak RM1 bagi setiap pembelian minimum RM2 di kawasan R&R ini.

"Kami menjangkakan penggunaan Visa payWave seperti ini akan dapat diperluaskan lagi secara berperingkat di kawasan R&R PLUS yang lain," tambah Azman.