Deliver positive highway customer experience via the PLUS App. 
Senang, Selamat, Selesa 

In an effort to enhance travel experience, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is introducing a new strategy to assist our highway users in planning their journeys for the upcoming Christmas & New Year holidays with My-TTA (My-Travel Time Advisory), a public pilot project via the PLUS App. The highway concessionaire is leveraging on its mobile application to manage traffic and improve the overall travel experience.


Plan with Journey Planner 

Using Journey Planner functionality in PLUS App, the feed keeps the customer informed about any unusual traffic conditions along their route while the CCTV camera views let customers see what’s happening up ahead. Customers can also plan where to get food, fuel and rest stops regardless of the time of travel. The Journey Planner also calculates the toll rates for customers' trips so they know every detail upfront. To add, Electric Vehicle owners will be able to identify recharge locations along PLUS highway through Journey Planner.   

SOS Button 

On top of that, the SOS button services offered in the PLUS App will enable customers to get emergency assistance from a reliable source, reducing the possibility of them being helped by illegal parties which causes them to pay certain charges. Indeed, customers will feel safe and enjoy their journey on PLUS highway.

Download it now and see where it can take you.